CHA Checkers 2-3 HAR Wolfpack 2018-01-27 00:15

Estadio: XL Center Round: 1

CHA Checkers CHA Checkers   HAR Wolfpack HAR Wolfpack
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This weekend we’ll wear AC stickers in honor of former Wolf Pack player Andrew Carroll.

2018-01-27 00:09:05

The Wolf Pack will go on the penalty kill as Sergey Zborozskiy has been called for tripping. He will serve two minutes. #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-27 00:25:40

The Wolf Pack will go back on the penalty kill after killing off their first. @Pedrie24 has just been called for tr…

2018-01-27 00:28:27

The Wolf Pack are getting their first power play opportunity of the night as Checkers' Jake Chelios is sent to the…

2018-01-27 00:34:44

The first period is in the books and the Wolf Pack and the Checkers are still all knotted up. The score is 0-0 goin…

2018-01-27 00:47:26

The puck has just dropped for the second period here at the XL Center! Let's go Pack! #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-27 01:06:02

Checkers' right wing Julien Gauthier gets sent to the box for a two minute stay after getting called for holding an…

2018-01-27 01:17:01

That Wolf Pack power play has just been moved up to a 5-on-3 power play with a Jake Chelios penalty! #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-27 01:17:57

🚨WOLF PACK GOAL🚨 The Wolf Pack have turned the two man advantage into the first point of the game! The goal was sco…

2018-01-27 01:22:34

The Wolf Pack are looking to kill off a Checkers' power play after Wolf Pack defenseman @crawldiddy14 gets sent to…

2018-01-27 01:26:06

The Checkers take the puck down the ice and tie the game at 1 with a Josiah Didier goal. Didier was assisted by And…

2018-01-27 01:35:55

🚨WOLF PACK GOAL🚨 The Wolf Pack won't let the score stay tied by scoring right off the next face off. The goal is sc…

2018-01-27 01:42:10

At the end of the second period the Wolf Pack lead the Checkers 2-1! SOG:HFD 17-15 CHA #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-27 01:43:54

The puck is about to drop for the third period in this Friday night battle between the Pack and the Checkers! Stay…

2018-01-27 01:58:27

🚨 A look at @boonieves' 3rd goal of the year 🚨

2018-01-27 02:07:10

The Checkers tie the game at 2-2 at 4:26 into the 3rd period. #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-27 02:12:04

The Wolf Pack head to the Power Play with 13:01 remaining in the first period. The call is two minutes for tripping. #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-28 00:41:39

The Wolf Pack head to the penalty kill with 3:21 remaining in the first period. The call, two minutes for tripping #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-28 00:56:55

The Wolf Pack head back to the power play with 3.6 second remaining in the First period, two minutes for slashing #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-28 01:01:23

At the end of the first period, the Hartford Wolf Pack and Charlotte Checkers are tied 0-0 #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-28 01:01:33

🚨 Wolf Pack Goal! 🚨 Scott Kosmachuk scores his tenth of the season to put the Wolf Pack ahead 1-0 #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-28 01:23:50

🚨 Wolf Pack Goal! 🚨 @19Lettieri95 scores his 13th goal of the season to add to the Wolf Pack lead. Hartford leads 2-0 #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-28 01:26:37

Both Neal Pionk of Hartford and Philip Samuelsson of Charlotte head to the penalty box, five minutes for fighting 5…

2018-01-28 01:33:09

The Wolf Pack head to another power play, with 9:09 remaining in the second period, the call is two minutes for tripping #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-28 01:42:21

🚨 Wolf Pack Goal!!! 🚨 Adam Tambellini scores his 9th goal of the season to make the lead 3 for the Wolf Pack, 3-0 #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-28 01:44:37

The Wolf Pack head to yet another power play, the call is 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct on the Charlotte bench

2018-01-28 01:46:21

At the end of the second period, the Wolf Pack lead the Checkers 3-0 #CHAvsHFD

2018-01-28 01:56:29

🚨 Anotha one for @19Lettieri95. Here's a look at his 2nd period goal 🚨

2018-01-28 02:00:15