HAR Wolfpack 3-4 CHA Checkers 2018-03-10 00:15

Estadio: Spectrum Center Round: 1

HAR Wolfpack HAR Wolfpack   CHA Checkers CHA Checkers
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We are about to get underway tonight from Charlotte. Its the Wolf Pack and Checkers next. #HFDvCHA

2018-03-10 00:18:36

Whistle blows as the Checkers Patrick Brown gets called for boarding. Time of the penalty 3:42 #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 00:27:56

Wolf Pack Goal! Goal scored by Dan Catenacci assisted by Matt Belesky, and Steven Fogarty. time of the goal 6:15. T… https://t.co/dfdSJmPKrX

2018-03-10 00:33:39

Hartford's Chris Bigras gets the gate as he is whistled for hooking. Time of the call 11:55 #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 00:43:04

:54 seconds into the PK, Charlotte's Brenden Kitchton is headed to the box. 4 on 4 hockey. Time of the call 12:02 #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 00:45:21

Cole Schneider gets a bounce and stays on-side and scores on the poweplay! The Pack take a 2-0 lead! Give Vinni Let… https://t.co/JPGNHeYJZ4

2018-03-10 00:48:20

Whistle blows again and this time Vince Pedrie gets called for a hook. Time of the call 19:58. On the ensuing face… https://t.co/orJ9bW5ode

2018-03-10 00:58:06

A shot from the right side circle by the Checkers and the score. A powerplay goal at just :31. We are tied at 2. #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 01:15:42

after some extracurricular action, Scott Kosmachuk and Valentin Zykov each get the gate for roughing. Time of the call 7:18 #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 01:29:50

As the 2nd period comes to an end the score still tied at 2. #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 01:48:12

For those of you keeping score at home, give the first Charlotte goal to Zykov (orginally given to Wallmark) #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 02:06:28

The Wolf Pack's Lettieri gets called for hooking. The pack are back on the PK score still tied at 2. #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 02:08:13

Cole Schneider scores again for his 2nd of the night! The Pack take the lead 3-2 with 14:18 remaining in the 3rd #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 02:13:46

We’re almost underway in Charlotte in the 8th and final meeting between these two teams this season. Jeff Jakaitis… https://t.co/hjYGwKjvpJ

2018-03-10 22:56:10

The Pack will send out the line of Kosmachuk-Nieves-Albert with Labrie and Pedrie on the back end in front of Jakai… https://t.co/PYOpcCgFBw

2018-03-10 23:04:13

The Pack are heading to their first power play of the night! Foegele takes a seat for holding at 5:54 #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 23:13:55

The Pack will head to their first PK as Kosmachuk gets sent off for hooking at 10:36 of period 1. #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 23:19:29

The Checkers convert on the PP as McKegg deposits a rebound at 11:37. They lead 1-0 #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 23:21:52

The Checkers make it 2-0 as McKeown fires one from the right circle blocker side. 4:29 left here in the 1st. #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 23:29:00

The Pack head to their 2nd PP as Roy slashed the stick out of Chytil’s hand at 16:58 #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 23:31:44

With 19.6 left in the 1st, Carrick pushes home the puck after a goal-mouth scramble, making it 3-0 Charlotte. #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 23:36:17

The 1st period comes to a close with the Pack down 3-0. Shots are 10-9 in favor of HFD. #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 23:37:16

The teams are back on the ice for the 2nd period with the Pack trailing 3-0 #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-10 23:51:58

🚨Wolf Pack GOAL!🚨 A 2 on 1 was finished off by Kosmachuk, and the Checkers lead is down to 2. 4:18 into the 2nd, it… https://t.co/T5cxrOuN2B

2018-03-10 23:59:30

Pack head to the PK as Lettieri catches Wallmark with a high-stick. Checkers to the PP with 15:22 to play in period 2. #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-11 00:01:00

🚨: Kosmachuk (14) 🍎: Nieves (9) 🍏: Albert (9) #HFDvsCHA https://t.co/c2rTqrXjEZ

2018-03-11 00:02:53

Albert’s assist is his first as a member of the Wolf Pack!

2018-03-11 00:04:02

OH MAN! Jeff Jakaitis robs the Checkers of a Grade A scoring opportunity and holds the score at 3-1! #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-11 00:21:54

🚨Wolf Pack GOAL!🚨 Matt Beleskey with his first as a member of the Pack! He cuts the lead to 1! Beautiful pass by Ni… https://t.co/FK5PJ8iOhK

2018-03-11 00:24:18

🚨: Beleskey (5) 🍎: Nieves (10) 🍏: Sproul (18) #HFDvsCHA https://t.co/bBjbor0sOE

2018-03-11 00:26:24

Charlotte will get a penalty shot as Labrie slashes Kuokkanen on a breakaway #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-11 00:27:59

SAVE BY JAKAITIS! https://t.co/738CHj6N6u

2018-03-11 00:28:18

The 2nd period wraps up with Charlotte still leading 3-2. Shots are 24-19 in favor of the Wolf Pack. #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-11 00:30:52

The puck has dropped and the 3rd period is underway! Pack need a goal to tie it #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-11 00:45:23

Charlotte extends their lead to 4-2 as Foegele cashes in on a wraparound with 12:36 left in the 3rd period. #HFDvsCHA

2018-03-11 00:59:26



1 2 3 F
2 0 1 3
1 1 2 4