HAR Wolfpack 4-5 SPR Thunderbirds 2018-03-03 00:05

Estadio: Cumberland County Civic Center Round: 1

HAR Wolfpack HAR Wolfpack   SPR Thunderbirds SPR Thunderbirds
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Just under 30 minutes from puck drop as your T-Birds take on @WolfPackAHL! https://t.co/RCwrkFXiVj

2018-03-02 23:37:57

We are just a few minutes away from puck drop in Springfield! #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-02 23:55:23

Puck drop in Springfield! #RiseUp

2018-03-03 00:06:27

And the puck has dropped to start the first period in Springfield as the Wolf Pack take on the Thunderbirds #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 00:07:44

(14:27) T-Birds will head to the first PK of the night, as Curtis Valk is called for tripping. #RiseUp

2018-03-03 00:13:50

The Wolf Pack are heading to the power play with 14:27 remaining in the first period #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 00:15:06

(13:02) With the T-birds on the PK, Hartford takes a tripping penalty! It'll be 4-on-4 for 35 seconds and then we get a PP! #RiseUp

2018-03-03 00:17:20

After a tripping penalty on the Wolf Pack, there will be 4 on 4 hockey followed by a Thunderbirds power play #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 00:17:54

(9:41) T-Birds and Wolf pack still scoreless just over halfway through the first. Shots favor us 4-3. #RiseUp

2018-03-03 00:23:09

🚨BOBBY FARNHAM🚨 Bobby's 9th of the year gives the T-Birds a 1-0 lead! 🍎Chase Balisy 🍎🍎Ludwig Bystrom #RiseUp

2018-03-03 00:25:16

The Wolf Pack trail 1-0 after a Bobby Farnham goal for the Thunderbirds with 9:09 remaining in the first #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 00:25:52

🚨ALEX GRENIER🚨 Put this guy on the all-hands team! He tips a pass from Dryden Hunt into the back of the net to mak… https://t.co/WSnkLYnTJx

2018-03-03 00:27:13

Alex Grenier scores for the Thunderbirds to extend the lead to 2-0 #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 00:27:51

(5:45) T-Birds out-shooting Hartford 8-4 so far, and more importantly outscoring them 2-0! We're pretty excited ab… https://t.co/3f2ijqCJcl

2018-03-03 00:31:46

(3:30) T-Birds and Wolfpack exchange good looks, but the goalies come up big between the pipes. #RiseUp

2018-03-03 00:35:35

The Thunderbirds extend their lead to 3-0 after a Curtis Valk goal #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 00:37:43

🚨CURTIS VALK🚨 OH. MY. GOODNESS. An absolute ROCKET from Curtis to make it 3-0! 🍏 Dryden Hunt 🍏 🍏 Thomas Schemi… https://t.co/pERpmdO7rz

2018-03-03 00:37:48

3 goals in the first. Scoring started by Bobby Farnham. https://t.co/eHfxTsUcOZ

2018-03-03 00:40:41

Live look at our netminder to close out the first... https://t.co/8KGQqreePr

2018-03-03 00:42:09

End 1: T-Birds 3 (🚨Farnham, @greener05, Valk🚨) Hartford 0 Hartford outshooting Springfield 12-10. #RiseUp

2018-03-03 00:43:07

At the end of the first period the Thunderbirds lead the Wolf Pack 3-0 #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 00:43:29

(19:45) Before we could even be excited about the 2nd, Hartford scores to make it 3-1. Lias Andersson scores his 5th of the year. #RiseUp

2018-03-03 01:02:29

With the second period about to start, the Wolf Pack trail the Thunderbirds 3-0 #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 01:02:42

🚨Wolf Pack Goal! 🚨 Lias Andersson scores to cut the lead to 3-1 #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 01:03:48

(17:15) T-Birds head to the PK for the second time as Josh Brown goes to the box for slashing. #RiseUp

2018-03-03 01:05:36

The Wolf Pack head to the power play with 17:15 remaining in the second period #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 01:06:50

Update: https://t.co/cgRiR0bNs5

2018-03-03 01:08:26

(13:33) T-Birds holding onto their 3-1 lead here in the second. Hartford leading in shots 16-13. #RiseUp

2018-03-03 01:10:59

(7:39) Bobby Farnham will head to the box for a high-sticking penalty. T-Birds are 2-2 on the PK tonight. #RiseUp

2018-03-03 01:20:07

Update https://t.co/ZG0mLpcHCs

2018-03-03 01:23:07

(5:27) After killing their third penalty of the night, the T-Birds head to the PP, as Kosmachuk sits for slashing! #RiseUp

2018-03-03 01:23:44

(1:59) Wolfpack kill off the penalty, and keep the game at a 3-1 T-Birds lead. #RiseUp

2018-03-03 01:28:18

🚨CHASER🚨 Balisy scores his 12th of the season to get it back to a 3-goal lead! 🍏Bobby Farnham 🍏🍏Mark Fayne #RiseUp

2018-03-03 01:31:33

The Thunderbirds score with a goal from Chase Balisy with 48 seconds remaining in the second period, Wolf Pack trail 4-1 #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 01:33:07

End 2: T-Birds 4 (🚨Farnham, @greener05, Valk, @chaser9216🚨) Wolfpack 1 (Andersson) Shots favor Hartford 23-16.… https://t.co/ZxsvCx2coA

2018-03-03 01:33:22

The Wolf Pack trail the Thunderbirds 4-1 at the end of the second period #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 01:34:15

3rd period underway! #RiseUp

2018-03-03 01:51:56

With the third period about to start, the Wolf Pack trail the Springfield Thunderbirds 4-1 #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 01:52:18

(19:41) Ugh. That's twice now Hartford has ruined the start of a period. Adam Tambellini scores his 12th of the ye… https://t.co/f7xuMCu04G

2018-03-03 01:53:19

🚨Wolf Pack Goal!🚨 Adam Tambellini scores 19 seconds into the third period to cut the lead to 4-2 #HFDvsSPR

2018-03-03 01:54:19

(14:20) Ryan Sproul will sit for Hartford for delay of game! T-Birds to the PP leading 4-2! #RiseUp

2018-03-03 02:00:04